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Policy on Unattended Children in Library
Adopted May 14, 2002

The Trustees and staff of the Bernardsville Public Library hope that children and parents will find our library inviting and enjoyable and will visit often. However, in the interest of safety, no child under the age of ten years may be left unattended in the library. This includes scheduled library programs. A child is unattended unless accompanied at all times by a parent/caregiver, other adult or adolescent of the age of fifteen years or more.

Parents/caregivers are reminded that unexpected events can occur: the child could wander out of the library, be approached by unsavory people who sometimes visit public buildings, or be physically injured. The staff attempts to ensure the safety of everyone in the building, but the staff is not licensed to perform child care and have primary duties preventing them from supervising each child.

Children ten or older are considered "on their own" as patrons and may use the library alone. All patrons are subject to the Library Use Guidelines-Patron Conduct Guidelines. Under these, a patron will be reminded of the policy if disruptive; if unacceptable behavior continues the patron must leave the building.

The Bernardsville Public Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises or after closing. When the safety of an unattended child is in doubt, staff will contact the parent/ caregiver. If they are not readily available, staff will contact the Bernardsville Police Department. At time of closing, if a parent/ caregiver cannot be located, the Bernardsville Police Department will be called. Library staff will remain with the unattended child until the Police or parent/caregiver arrives.

Policy for Unattended Children
-Approved by the Operations Committee: 4/24/02
-Adopted and Approved by the Bernardsville Library
Board of Trustees 5/14/02

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